For the past seven years, Karren Whitney, a Dallas native, has been a proud supporter and fundraiser for several non-profit organizations in the DFW community. When it comes to uplifting the community through notable causes you can count on Karren to be at the forefront of fulfilling the needs of your organization- raising money, advertising, or gaining sponsorship. In addition to helping non-profit organizations, she is the creator of, a blog, which features a variety of "must do's" in the Dallas area as well as keeping its readers aware of things happening within the community. Through Dallas Does Good, Karren is able to elevate her passion for people, philanthropy and all the things Dallas does good for the people who call it home.

Leadership & Involvement

2019 - 2020: Partner & Co-Lead, Social Venture Partners

2018 - 2019: Dana Juett Resident, Social Venture Partners

2016 - 2017: Leadership Southwest

2016: Lead YP- Dallas Regional Chamber of Commerce

2015 - 2017: City Square, Board Member

2014 - 2017: Junior League of Dallas 

2016 - 2017: Automated Red Light Commission - City of Dallas, Commision Member

2012 - 2016: Denton County Friends of the Family, Board Member


Bachelor of Journalism with a concentration of Public Relations; University of North Texas

Masters of Business Administration; Texas Woman's University


Board Leadership; United Way

Leadership of Community and Nonprofit Organizations; University of North Texas


Fellowship Christian Academy - Wall of Fame

Star of District 111 - Presented by the Honorable Texas House of Representative Yvonne Davis